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    Grease Package Performance Specifications:

    Ratio: 50::1
    Maximum Delivery/Min.: 7.5-lbs. (3.4-kg)
    Maximum Rec’d Cycles: 135 per minute (LM2350E-X1-B)
    Displacement per Cycle: 0.875-In3 (14.33-cm3)
    Air Inlet: (Female) 1/4 - 18 N.P.T.F. - 1
    Material Inlet: Immersed
    Material Outlet: 3/8 -18 N.P.T.F. - 1
    Max. operating pressure: 150-psi (10.3-bar)
    Max. fluid pressure: 7500-psi (517.2-bar)
    Weight: lbs (kg) 42.1 (19.1)


    LP3003-1 Major Components:

    Item: Description:
    Basic 50:1 Grease Pump: LM2350E-31-B
    Drum Cover: 94421
    Follower Plate: 640165
    Material Hose: 624201-10
    Booster Grease Gun: 636103
    Z-Swivel: 636077
    Dolly Assembly: 640057



    Air Line Connection Kit* | Kit No. 66073-1

    Kit includes Piggyback Filter/Regulator with gauge, pipe nipple and a 5-foot section of air hose. 

    Service Repair Kits | Kit No. 637227-B

    (Pump Rebuild Kit: Contains necessary soft parts to rebuild entire pump.) 

    *Please note pumps are not included with these kits.