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  • High Pressure Couplers(Model No. C 9000)
  • Applications:

    »  for installations which require frequent connection or disconnection whether two hoses or a single

    »  hose and connection point.

    »  suitable for all applications and equipment working with compressed air and vacuum (metal quick acting couplers). For examples : pneumatic tools, pneumatic automation equipment, etc. 


    Polymer C 9000 quick acting safety couplers

    »  100% safety : even if disconnection is performed rapidly, the safety of the end-users is guaranteed thanks to a very short vent-time. Comply with ISO 4414 and EN 983 safety standards.

    »  very high flow and extremely small pressure loss

    »  perfectly controlled sealing

    »  high impact composite material resistant to shocks and scratching

    »  excellent mechanical strength : extending lifetime performance and reliability

    »  virtually effortless connection and disconnection 

    Technical Specifications

    Polymer C 9000 quick acting safety couplers

    suitable fluid : compressed air

    working pressure : 0 to 16 bar

    working temperature : - 20° to + 60°C