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  • Manipulator (Arm Systems)
  • As an alternative for reaching in, under, and around obstacles, Zimmerman Arm Systems allow an operator to precisely and effortlessly position loads regardless of physical strength. 

    Fitted with one of our standard or custom End Effectors, our Manipulator Arm Systems can perform a wide variety of material handling applications. Our full line of Arms offer the most flexibility available on the market today. 

    We offer the following Series: 

    1) 400 Series Arms 

    Utilizing a parallel link design to maintain either end effector or tool orientation, these arms allow an operator to reach into an opening and manipulate a part or tool. 

    2) 700 Series Arms 

    Consisting of a connecting linkage type boom that folds within itself to offer a large coverage area, these arms utilize the Balance Air® lifting and balancing unit as the lifting power. 

    3) 600 Series Arms 

    Consist of a rigid vertical beam with a moving horizontal beam that is able to reach into an opening. These arms also utilize the Balance Air® for lifting and balancing power.

    »  Allows for reach in and off center applications.

    »  Variety of End Effector combinations.

    »  Can be adapted to most rail systems.