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  • Pneumatic Function Fittings
  • Applications:

    ñ  Legris pneumatic function fittings are designed to provide added value connection solutions.

    ñ  They have an important part to play within many installations 

    To protect your installation

    ñ  During an emergency stop of a pneumatic installation, blocking fittings are designed to maintain loads. Model 7881

    ñ  In case of failure of the power supply, non-return valves allow air to pass in one direction whilst blocking flow in the other. Models : in polymer 7996 - in stainless steel 4890 

    To Adjust Performance of Your Installation 

    ñ  In order to adjust pressure to the required value, pressure regulator fittings stabilize at a given value the pressure applied to pneumatic equipment, whatever the fluctuations of pressure upstream. Model 7300

    ñ  Pressure reducer fittings enable manual adjustment of the circuit pressure applied to pneumatic equipment, limiting the cylinder pressure. Models 7316

    To control your installation

    ñ  For immediate and direct opening/closure of specific area of your installation supply, manually operated valves require just a simple manual operation. Models 7800 – 7801

    ñ  For immediate venting of a pneumatic circuit, pneumatic sleeve valves need only a straightforward lateral movement of the sleeve. Model 0669

    ñ  For closure/purge of a pneumatic circuit, mini-ball valves are very easy to use where access is difficult and space is at a premium. Models 7913 – 7910