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  • Submerged Arc Welding Machine
  • The Process: 

    Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) is the process in which a continuous solid or flux cored wire in the form of spool is used as the electrode and current for the welding arc is supplied by a suitable power source. The arc is submerged under a layer of dry, granular flux in order to shield the weld from atmospheric oxidation. The flux is fed from a hopper ahead of the arc. The excess unused flux is collected either manually or through a flux recovery system and re-used. 


    The Power Source: 

    All Easeweld outfits comprise proven constant potential type rectifier power sources. These power sources are best suited for automatic as well as semi automatic submerged arc welding applications. The power sources are mounted on wheels.


    Salient Feature:

    »  The machines are fitted with thermal overload protection system. 

    »  Robust construction and built for long life and reliability.

    »  Negligible maintenance required.

    »  Stepless primary control results in high power factor which reduced the power consumption.

    »  Fan provided for adequate cooling of all power elements 


    Submerged Arc Welding Heads-Salient Features: 

    »  Modular type design suitable for carriage mounting or stationary systems.

    »  Smooth and precise wire feeding by MOSFET controlled DC drive systems.

    »  A similar DC drive system is used for smooth & steady travel of the carriage. Both the drive systems use 25V Max. Control voltage which ensures operator safety.

    »  Swiveling and tilting arrangements ensure access to difficult welding areas and provide for fillet welding applications.

    »  Hopper can hold approx.10 kgs flux for long uninterrupted seams without replenishment.

    »  Controls like wire inching, forward / reverse, start / stop and display like ammeter, voltmeter and carriage speed meter are mounted on the control panel for easy adjustments and monitoring of the parameters.

    »  Control box is mounted on swivelling brackets for easy positioning as desired by the operator.

    »  Smooth and jerk free movements of horizontal and vertical slides enable precise adjustments of welding

    »  Facilities provided to check OCV and carriage speed before starting the machine.

    »  Completely automatic welding and burn-back control by means of reliable solid state circuitry.

    »  Simple start/stop push bottons are provided, wire feed, power source and carriage travel in the right sequence.

    »  Sturdy wire spool holder assembly with spring loaded guide clamps which are adjustable to accommodate SUBARC wire spool of 285 to 315mm internal diameter are provided

    »  Wire straightening is an integral part of the system.

    »  Bi-directional carriage movement is ideal for high productivity multi-pass welds.

    »  Motorised cross slide arrangement for boom mounting type welding heads available as optional attachments.


    NOTE : In case the subarc welding heads are to be used with any power source other than recommended, then a separate power supply unit will be required. This is supplied on specific requirement, provided full details of the power source intended to be used are specified while placing the order. 


    Technical Specifications:

    Voltage 415V 415V
    Phase 3 PH 3 PH
    Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
    Open circuit voltage 56 58
    Maximum continous welding current at 60% duty cycle 600A DC 1200A DC
    Maximum continuos welding current at 100% duty cycle 500 AMPS DC 1000 AMPS DC
    Type of Regulation ( Fine stepless control)
    Max. Rating at 60% duty cycle 36.5 KVA 77 KVA
    Max. Rating at 100% duty cycle 31 KVA 64 KVA
    Insulation class H H
    Type of cooling Forced Air / Oil Forced Air / Oil
    Recommended Switch Fuse Rating TP-60 TP-120
    Weight Approx. 375 Kg. 550 Kg.
    Dimensions : Length 711 762
    Width 711 762
    Height 915 915
    Maximum welding current at 60% duty cycle A 1500
    Maximum welding current at 100% duty cycle A 1000
    Recommended PS (CP type) Model ESR 600 PS / ESR 1200PS
    Wire Diameter - Single mm 2,2.5,3.15,4,5
    - Twin mm 2&2.5 (optional)
    Speed range - Wirefeed m/min. 0.5 to 4.0
    - Carriage m/min. 0.1 to 1.5
    Input to control unit V 42 V from the power source
    Range of adjustments

    Vertical/Horizontal Max. Swivel mm 140
    Transverse to head travel Deg. 45
    Parallel to head travel Deg. 30
    Horizontal swing Deg. 270
    Standard bore for spool(Max.) mm 285-315 (Adjustable)
    Weight of the spool (max.) Kg. 25
    Flux hopper capacity (approx.) Kg. 10
    Dimensions (LxHxW) mm 1400x1050x650
    Total wt. (Without flux & wire) Kg. 130