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  • Thyristorized ARC Welding Rectifier's (ET Series)
  • Easeweld Thyristorised ARC Welding Rectifier's & Power Sources (200-1200 AMPS & above) 


    »  Ideal Welding Results

    »  Light Weight

    »  Robust & Reliable Design

    »  Economical

    »  Easy to Operate & Maintain


    Sailent Features:

    »  Esthetic looks, elegantly designed, compact sturdy construction with drip proof covers

    »  Class of insulation 'H' (Fibre Glass).

    »  Error / distortion free Digital / Analog display for Amp/volt reading.

    »  Low weight handy remote control with hot start facility

    »  Filter circuit for protection of diodes and thyristors.

    »  Built - in protection against high frequency/short circuit.

    »  Forced air - cooling for high efficiency.

    »  Three phase transformer to balance input supply.

    »  Available to use with 60Hz also, especially for off-shore and on the ship building / site construction. 

    »  Ideal power source for fabrication & repair of Nuclear power plants, chemical process plants, refineries, offshore & defence equipments, steel plants, thermal power plants, mining equipments, pipe lines, etc.


    Highly Compatible DC Power Sources For:

    »  MMAW (Manual Metal Arc Welding) of Various Metals

    »  TIG Welding of S.S. M.S. Copper, Titanium, Tantalum and Alloy Steel

    »  SAW (Submerged Arc Welding)

    »  Air Carbon  Arc Gouging (ACAG)

    »  Plasma Cutting 


    Easeweld ET SERIES THYRISTORISED ARC WELDING RECTIFIERS manufactured as per IS-4559, using solid me circuitry ensures ideal welding results. It can be easily operated by semi-skilled welders because of constant current operation.


    ET Advantages:

    »  Hot start facility for easy ARC striking with all types of electrodes.

    »  PCB with plug - in system for easy and speedy replacement and circuit inspection just by opening the panel door.

    »  Line voltage compensation upto + 10% of variation.

    »  Can withstand high ambient temperature, Acidic & offshoric weather conditions.

    »  Low power consumption due to best quality of materials used.

    »  Minimum spatter, hence higher recovery per electrode.

    »  Available in Single / Multi operators. All operators can independently work with different processes at different current settings.

    »  Anti-stick facility is a standard feature

    »  A suitable filter choke ensures low ripple level to give high quality welding.

    »  These units incorporate a unique thyristor control system for higher reliability, fast response & minimum power consumption.

    »  Each operator reciprocates independently ON-OFF facility & Remote current regulation 



    »  Remote Current Control Regulator with cable

    »  Welding Cable Assembly 5 mtrs.

    »  Earthing Cable Assembly 5 mtrs.


    Technical Specifications:

    Model Unit ET 300 ET 400 ET 600

    Input Voltage / Phase / Frequency V/Ph/Hz 380-440/3/50 380-440/3/50 380-440/3/50
    Input current – S/OP Load Current AMPS 17 22 34
    Input current – D/OP Load Current AMPS 30 36
    Weld. Current Range AMPS 10 – 300 10 – 400 10 – 600
    Max. Hand weld. Current at 60% Duty Cycle AMPS 300 400 600
    Max. Hand weld. Current at 100% Duty Cycle AMPS 230 310 460
    Open Circuit Voltage VOLTS 80 80 80
    Max. Power Rating – S/OP KVA 11 14 22
    Max. Power Rating – D/OP KVA 20 25
    Cooling Forced Air Forced Air Forced Air
    Insulation H H H

    Dimension (LxWxH )
    Single Operator mm 700x600x650 700x600x800 750x675x800
    Double Operator mm 950x675x850 950x675x850

    Single Operator KGS. 290 325 390
    Double Operator KGS. 425 475