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  • Air Operated Winches
  • Product Overview and Benefits: 

    Ingersoll-Rand is the worldwide leading manufacturer of Air & Hydraulic Hoists & Winches. 

    The Ingersoll-Rand line incorporates the best ideas and innovations to solve the most challenging

    lifting, pulling and positioning applications in the world’s toughest industries. 

    Ingersoll-Rand hoists and winches have high recognition in key heavy industries such as offshore, oil exploration, chemicals, refining, shipbuilding, mining, tunnelling and steel mills. 

    Why Choose Ir Material Handling Equipment? 

    »  IR products are designed for applications in hot, cold, dusty, dirty, explosive and wet conditions.

    »  Unlimited duty cycle.

    »  IR hoists & winches are rugged, reliable, compact, and offer excellent power-to-weight ratio.

    »  Easy to operate, maintain and repair.

    »  Speed control is variable and offers good spotting capability.

    »  Increased safety for the operator.

    »  Reduced downtimes. Robust construction provides long-lasting use.

    »  All IR lifting equipment are provided with individual test certificate.  

    Air Or Hydraulic?


    »  Rugged and simple design.

    »  Easy installation and operation.

    »  Cannot burn out.

    »  Easy to move. 


    »  Low noise level.

    »  Precision of control.

    »  Lower energy cost.

    »  Ideal for fixed installation.