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  • Ultimate Mig Welding Solution



    »  Thyristorised for excellent welding quality

    »  Digital / Analog Display for Voltage & Current

    »  Robust Design to Withstand Site Conditions

    »  Single Knob Voltage Control

    »  Economical & Easy to Maintain


    Salient Features:

    »  Dynamig series U4007 & U600T power sources are designed for Heavy duty industrial DC Constant voltage or DC constant current welding application

    »  Semi Automatic welding system is equipped with current and voltage adjustment facility which can be adjusted during welding by Standard / Remote control

    »  Digital / Analog display for easy readability of current / from a distance / Voltage or current selection by a switch

    »  Protection against single phasing and short circuit

    »  PCB'S with plug - in system for easy and speedy replacement just by opening the panel door

    »  In built line voltage compensation (stabilization) ±10% of variation

    »  For optimum utilisation, pre-flow of the shielding gas with burn back control is provided

    »  Low power consumption due to best quality of material used

    »  Light weight wire feeder with quick change over facility (Feed mechanism)

    »  Light weight flexible torch with 360 swivelling facility

    »  Arc length increase or decrease does not change the current

    »  Solid state electronic circuitry gives excellent reliability with prolong service life

    »  Applicable to all Flux cored wire / solid wires

    »  Anti stick device & stable ARC length are maintained even if the ARC length varies due to the feed back system

    »  Light weight wire feeder with DC/SERVO control motor and quick change over Feed Mechanism

    »  Solid state electronic circuitry (MOSFET) ensures constant & smooth speed control

    »  FTT (Fresh tip treatment) & FAS (Fresh ARC start system) property are standard features 


    Used For:

    »  MIG Welding (GMAW)

    »  Flux Cored Wire Welding (FCAW)

    »  Shielded Metal ARC Welding (SMAW)